Strain Release / Breeding Program

Posted by Skunkseeds

Skunk Seeds is working closely with several reputable breeders to find, create, and preserve the best skunk crosses around.


Over the next many moons, we are working on many different strain projects, making seedstock available to the public:


There are many more awesome crosses waiting to be created, and our list will have new additions before you know it! In the meantime check out our current stock, feel free to comment any skunk strain ideas for the next year!


Also feel free to help contribute to our open source community @ Skunk Seeds by selling your seedstock through the bank or by applying for/proposing a breeding project with us!


Many thanks!


-Skunk Seeds




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2 thoughts on “Strain Release / Breeding Program

  1. Jamie smith

    How can I get some seeds

  2. Miles Moore

    Hello My name is Miles Moore. I’m a legale cannabis cultivator/ caregiver and patient in Missouri. I and my partner and best friend are building a program to connect caregivers and patients. As u may know in Mo we have been medical since Jan 2019 and as of today Sept. 7.2020 there are 0 dispensaries and only 4 approved commercial growers in the state. Myself as a grower and caregiver have a unique opportunity to connect patients w/ caregivers who can fill their medical needs. There are no Community driven resources outside of myself going from grow store to grow store and doctor to doctor leaving cards. At any rate understandably we have limited resources for quality genetics so I’m left to phenohunylt and sift for the best medicine. This is where u guys could really help out. ease contact me about sourcing some of your genetics as they will be put to the right use with us.
    Miles M. aka MO-be-usGrowz

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