About Us

Skunk Seeds is more than just a seed store specializing in stocking old-school original skunk strains, stabilizing new skunk strains, and increasing seedstock of the best cup winning crosses! Skunk Seeds also searches constantly for new unique genetics and attempts to bring them into our inventory for everyone to have access to.

As a team of small breeders, pheno-hunters, testers, and personal growers; we strive to make our “brand” as much like an open source breeding project as possible. Bringing the community together to realize our mission.

With many years of experience between our team of growers, we recognize the importance of the original Skunk’s legacy. Being the first stabilized landrace, these legendary skunks are always #1 on our agenda. We strive to create the best crosses and highest quality seeds available, we share our experience and knowledge with the cannabis community through our blog and public outreach, and we also offer up community discussions fostering idea brainstorming.

Our love is to share the genetics with everyone, and advance their profiles with well planned out projects!

Skunk Seeds, and will be working hard to provide the best quality seeds to all the public. All of our in house genetics are treated with love and as growers we attempt to create as little carbon impact as possible. We strive to help local communities in various ways (unique to each location). As well as offering our profits up for charities of the customers choosing! Our breeding projects are scattered throughout the United States, many different local communities benefit from our educational availability, community supported agriculture, and our various social, financial, and educational outreach activities done on a personal level!

Skunk Seeds will continue to take the steps necessary for the cannabis community to enjoy quality genetics from around the globe.