Open Source Cannabis Breeding and Seeds

Sharing all the quality tested and trusted strains we have to offer!

We all strive to create the best seeds available. Skunk Seeds offers a variety of genetics from both new and old skunk strains, rare phenos and collections, and even limited 1 time release F1’s & S1’s. Along with long standing cup performers!

As the sole operator of Skunk Seeds, the breeders I work with and I have been working hard to provide only the best quality seeds to the public ever since the idea came about. 

We constantly search for the best strains worldwide and help create/promote for the cannabis community. We are an open source platform striving to preserve genetic freedom in the hands of the customers.

We offer customers the chance to breed with every strain that is listed. Additionally, if the customer sends in updates of their breeding project we will repost and promote their project to our whole community! Once their project is successfully completed we offer the seeds to the public! And the process continues on! 

If you prefer a live conservation about our strains or open source platform, please contact us via email or social media! Blessed growing and have fun!


Instagram: @skunkseeds